• Pre – kindergarten
  • Lower- kindergarten
  • Pre Grade 1 (Only National Curriculum)
  • Upper- kindergarten
  • Year 1- Year 5    – Edexcel London Syllabus 

  • Year 6 – i Primary Exam

  • Grade 1 – 5 – Sri Lankan Syllabus

  • Year7- Year 11 – Edexcel London Syllabus

  •  Grade 6 -11 – Sri Lankan Syllabus

Advance Level

  • A/S &A/L -Edexcel London Syllabus (Commerce/ Science/ Maths)
  • A/L- Sri Lankan Syllabus (Commerce/ Science)

The Medium of instruction is English. French and the mother tongue of students are taught as second languages.

French / Sinhala / Tamil are taught as second languages for students who follow Edexcel London Syllabus.

Please Note: The students of our school who sit for Sri Lankan Ordinary Level examinations are considered as private candidates by the Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka.

London (Edexcel)

September-December First Term

January-April Second Term

May-August Third Term

Sri Lankan Syllabus

January-April First Term

May-August Second Term

September-December Third Term