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The minimum age for the nursery is 2 ½ years as at 31st August of the year of admission. The Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar General’s Department of Sri Lanka is the only document the school accepts to confirm the age of the child.

Parents who wish to enroll their children at Adventist International School must inquire from the school registrar or Vice Principal regarding vacancies ahead of the closing date for applications. This information can be obtained by telephone or by e mail. 

The parents and the child should visit the school and meet the Principal, Vice Principal or the Registrar by prior appointment. Appointments will be granted between 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. You will be assisted with any other details you need to know about the school at that time. (All administrative details, school fees structure, payment details and so on)

The offices are open on all weekdays between 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. for admission purpose. Offices are closed on public holidays. 

Offices will be closed on certain days during school holidays – contact us or check our website for these special announcements.

Admission Procedure

1. Tum in the completed applications by hand or by registered post along with the following documents:

  • A photocopy of the Birth Certificate.
  • Completed Medical Report.
  • Students who are applying for grade two and above classes, are required to submit the School Leaving Certificate, a copy of the official school report or transfer certificate and the character certificate from the previous school.

2. The Registrar’s office will inform you, the date for the interview and also the time for your child’s Entrance Test.

3. New students will be enrolled to a class based on the performance of the Entrance Test and the student’s age.

4. If the child succeeds at the interview, the parents should come prepared to pay the admission fee together with the term fee.

5. Student must submit the original Birth Certificate at the time of registration

6. If the child is admitted to the school, he/she will be provided with the book list and the list of school requirements.

7. Some Text Books can be purchased from the Book shop of the school during the registration time.

Please Note:

Once the child is enrolled in the school and the admission fee is paid, it will not be refunded. Admission of students depends on the successful performance in the placement test and the availability of classroom space.

Advanced Level Admissions

Advanced Level Classes are conducted as a separate programme. It is a full-time, two-year programme consisting of 6 school terms. Admission requirements for advanced level classes will be decided by the Academic Standard Committee, based on the academic performance of grade 10 (O/L) students at the final term tests, the results of Ordinary Level Examinations of the students and the availability of space for the students in the advanced level classes.

The Academic Standard Committee reserves the right to reject admissions of students to advanced level classes if they have been subjected to disciplinary actions in the past.

School Fees

  • School fees MUST be paid before the term begins or on the SPECIFIC DATES given by the administration.

Class Admittance Card

  • Students will not be admitted to classes if they fail to produce the Class Admittance Card to the teacher on the first day of each term.